Trello is a collaboration tool, that will help us to move from a goal or objective to a completed website.

Trello is free and easy to use. Trello empowers you to track tasks through stages, collaborate on task lists, comment, and share content

Trello puts the whole website project in one place. No more searching for old attachments through emails. No more mixed-up versions wasting your time and energy. No more confusion.

Go to and sign up for free

After you sign up, your Trello board will be empty. When you subscribe to my service, you will receive the invite link to the board where we will organize the tasks related to your project.

It will look similar to this

The whole thing is called a Trello ‘Board’. Each column on the Board is called a ‘List’. Each List contains a bunch of ‘Cards’ which describe separate tasks. A Card can hold an unlimited amount of information including files, links, screenshots, checklists, and messages – it puts all our resources and communication in one place.

You can watch a short how-to video here

1. Discovery list

The first list on the board “discovery” is for you to provide all the information, files, and goals of the website. Any time you think of a new task, add it to this list.

2. To-do list

This list contains step-by-step tasks I need to do to complete your website. I will create this list based on information collected in the discovery list.

3. Doing

This List is just what it says: all work that is in progress is here. You can comment on each task and monitor the progress in real-time.

4. Approved

Once the task is completed and you are happy with the result, I’ll drag it to an approved list.

This is the most basic workflow in the Trello board. The number of lists and cards can grow with the complexity of the project while we keep it organized in one place.

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