What is WordPress and why should I use it.

Studio arcadia What is wordpress post

WordPress is the platform that almost all businesses use, and for good reason.

WordPress website creation is quicker and easier than ever because of its open source nature. This means it’s completely customisable in both design and functionality and ready for anything that your business requires.

The WordPress website editor is widely used by many small to large business.In fact, more than 38% of all websites online use WordPress. It allows to easily update anything on the website, from text and images, menus and banner photos, as well as being able to create new pages or blog articles whenever you need to. It is also easy to expand functionality of the website by installing a plugin

The result is a website can scale with functionality and content as your business needs change. This also means your investment is able to last many years beyond a typical website not built in WordPress.

Can WordPress handle eCommerce?

WordPress handles Ecommerce beautifully.

One of the most highly recommended WordPress plugins for Ecommerce is called WooCommerce. This fantastic add-on to WordPress integrates seamlessly and is free to use.

The WooCommerce plugin is owned by the same company that owns WordPress, meaning that the two are built and updated with the other in mind. The fact that it integrates so well with WordPress means that it used on a huge number of websites. Nearly 30% of all Ecommerce websites.

WooCommerce is just as customisable as WordPress, allowing your brand and message to flow throughout the customer’s buying experience, from beginning to end. It’s also optimised for Search Engine Friendliness and is the Ecommerce choice of many Search Engine Optimisation specialists.

Is WordPress website secure?

As secure as wordpress developer makes it.

WordPress sites can be very secure if they are coded correctly by expert WordPress Developers, updated regularly and hosted on trusted Website Hosting servers.

Where most WordPress websites fall into trouble is through downloaded template themes and do-it-yourself website builders. These are often bloated and slow and coded in a way susceptible to hacking, with security updates often costly to apply.

Studio Arcadia delivers every WordPress website to the highest coding standards. Not only are our sites built with clean code to load as fast as possible and Search Engine Friendly to help you rank higher in Google, but code they are coded to be fully updateable. This means you will always have an up-to-date website, safe from hacking exploits and potentially vulnerabilities.

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