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Social Media Integration

Social media integration connects your website to your social media accounts allowing new content that you add to your website to also be posted to Facebook, Twitter, etc. Visitors will also be able to share content from your website through their social media accounts. To encourage conversation, reviews, comments and testimonials can also be integrated into your website.
Share buttons will be added to specific content on your website. For example, photos, blog articles, upcoming events and the venue’s location can all be shared through social media.

Social Feeds

Facebook and Twitter feeds will be added to your website, updating automatically as you add more posts. An Instagram feed will also be added displaying all of your Instagram photos.

Blog automatically posting to Facebook

Blog content that you add to your website will be automatically posted on Facebook.

MailChimp Newsletter Sign-Up

Your audience will be able to sign-up for your newsletter directly through your website. Their email address will automatically be added into your MailChimp subscriber list.

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