Logo Design

The power of a good logo is amazing. It reflects a company’s personality, values and creativity through a combination of shapes, colours and font. Our goal is to design a logo that reflects your company’s spirit and leaves a lasting, memorable effect.

Process starts with a little brainstorming followed by rough sketches and finally the creation of digital logo. You know your company the best, so we will present more concepts for you to review. Using your feedback, we will revise your favorit logo to be a perfect representation of your company. 

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Website Design

Simplicity is one of the golden rules of website design. The audience should have an enjoyable, positive experience when using your website. Whether the objective is reading content, watching a video or enrolling in a course, every action should be clear throughout the website. 

The website design process starts with a pen and paper to sketch page layouts, wire-frames, sitemaps and menu structures. Digital design concepts are then created incorporating your company’s brand guidelines for a personalized look and feel. 

web design min

Web Development

Process starts by taking the graphical elements (colours, fonts, layout, images) defined in the design process and coding them using web industry standards (PHP, HTML, CSS, JS). 

Your website will be developed on top of WordPress CMS (Content Management System). WordPress CMS adds a user-friendly administrative area to your website allowing you to easily login and update the content of your website.

studioarcadia web development


Your WordPress website will be transformed into an eCommerce online store using WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a WordPress eCommerce toolkit that helps you sell products online through your website. WooCommerce allows you to easily add, edit and amend products and pricing at any time, run sales and coupon campaigns offering a range of discount options and keep up-to-date with the store’s performance by viewing detailed reports.

studioarcadia secommerce

Onsite SEO

Behind the scenes, your website will contain meta tags, meta keywords, meta descriptions, ALT tags, title tags, optimized naming conventions and site-maps. Google utilizes all of this information to best target traffic to your website by people looking for what you offer.

studioarcadia seo

Website Security

Having reliable security measures in place from the start is key to ensuring that your website is not a target for hackers. As standard, we always add robust security precautions into every WordPress website but on-going maintenance is also available.

studioarcadia security


The standard photography production process covers initial preparation and location scouting, provision of all professional photography equipment, definition of project requirements with the client, the photo shoot itself, editing, re-touching, colour-grading and other general post-production of all images.

All of your photographs will be optimized for online usage in your website and are available to you at full resolution as well.

studioarcadia photography
web design workflow
step 01


We will perform research and discovery to plan and inform the phases of the project.

step 02


We start with wireframes which plan out the structure and user flow of your website, than we create the design of the website in Adobe XD.

step 03


The final designs from the design phase are used to develop a web version of the site on our staging server.

step 04


The website functionality is developed and content is populated as outlined within the project spec.

step 05

Training & Support

The website undergoes a full Q&A and interoperability testing procedure, ensuring optimal performance.

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