• Web hosting and domain name

    Web hosting and domain name

    Understanding the role of an external hosting company when embarking on a website project can be a little overwhelming. You are suddenly faced with technology lingo that you may not have ever come across. Purchasing a domain name and hosting package is essential for every website project so we aim to explain the roles of […]

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  • WordPress terminology

    WordPress terminology

    For someone who is completely new to WordPress there is a huge amount of new terminology that comes with it. Servers, FTP, hosting, themes, plugins, posts and custom fields are just some of the new concepts that they may be presented with. Even understanding what WordPress is or how it works can be a little overwhelming. We’ve […]

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  • WordPress website security

    WordPress website security

    From time to time WordPress websites get attacked by hackers. Prevention and monthly maintenance is the best way to avoid an attack. We always ensure that every WordPress website we create is using the latest version of WordPress and that all plugins are up-to-date when the website is ready to launch. However, without monthly maintenance […]

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  • Resources for web developers

    Resources for web developers

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) seositecheckup.com is definitely the best resource that I’ve come across so far for completely breaking down every aspect of a website’s SEO. I have greatly expanded my knowledge of SEO by testing websites with this resource and learning how to improve every aspect of the web development process. I would also recommend that […]

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  • What is full site editing

    What is full site editing

    Key concepts of full site editing The key concepts of full site editing are: Finally, one important aspect is the deliberate focus on improving the performance of your WordPress site. These features are closely tied together. You can use some of the features on their own, even with a classic PHP-based theme. Changes to site […]

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  • Clean minimalist website design

    Clean minimalist website design

    The key is to make sure that your core business information is captured, but at the same time ensuring that the design is kept clean, minimal and beautiful. Minimalist website designs are quickly growing a lot of interest. The simplicity and cleanliness of the layouts have many benefits. If there is one design we need […]

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