Siesta Extranet

Is comprehensive solution for managing your accommodation facility from one dashboard. It is designed to increase efficiency, save time, and most importantly to increase revenues. It contains all the important management components Intuitive PMS, booking engine, channel manager, revenue manager and many more great features.


Channel Manager

Siesta can automatically import all bookings from all your OTAs into a single reservation system.


Availability sync

No need to manualy update each OTA separately.  All parameters are set only once and availability is synced across all channels in real time. This means that you can use as many of these channels as you want without the risk of overbooking. 


Revenue manager

Siesta Revenue manager allows you to fully control the pricing of your facility. Revenue management system uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to alert you when you need to increase or lower your prices. Respond to market needs and maximize your profits.

revenue manager 02

Dynamic Pricing

With Revenue manager, you can set prices that will move over the course of the year depending on current season and market situation in your area to help you increase your sales.

smart revenue management

Custom Website

Do you have special requirements for your website? No problem. We will create a tailor-made website that will meet your every need.

Booking engine

Together with the website, we will install a custom booking engine to allow visitors of your website to make an online reservation in a few clinks. Your guest will get the best offer and you don’t have to pay high commissions to OTAs.

Siesta custom website


The standard photography production process covers initial preparation, provision of all professional photography equipment, definition of project requirements with the client, the photo shoot itself, editing, re-touching, colour-grading and other general post-production of all images.

We can also produce short (30s to 1min promotional video. See the examle here.

studioarcadia photography
siesta solution
step 01

Promotional Content

We teamed up wilh Bali based prperty photographers and video producers to create a content that sels.

step 02

OTA accounts

Professional photos will be used to set up accounts on OTA's such as, Airbnb, Expedia and others.

step 03

Direct Booking Engine

We will build a website with booking engine to allow visitors to make an online reservation in few clicks.

step 04

Siesta Extranet

Cloud based hotel management solution will allow you to control your facility from one place, increase efficiency, save a lot of time and most importantly increase your ROI.

step 05

Training & Support

We will provide training to get you up to speed as quickly as possible and you can reach for support any time you need help. We want you to get most out of the software solution we provide.

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